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Welcome to Totally Literate

Totally Literate Red Scholar
For Tomorrow's Leaders

"What are we all about?" you may wonder. We are about making learning to read fun for everyone--native English speakers, foreign speakers, the very young, the not-so-young, fast learners, as well as not-so-fast learners, and by no means least of all--children with reading disabilities such as dyslexia. Moreover, we are about helping future scholars become fully actualized, that is, helping them reach their full potential, becoming Independent, critical thinkers.


We fancy our website as being right for all aspiring students who wish to become Totally Literate. We think Totally Literate is perfect for any child no matter whether he or she be in a highchair or a rocking chair. You may wonder about this too. The answer is twofold. Firstly, stories, which are the mainstay of our program, are easy to decode (i.e., to read without necessarily comprehending). And secondly, many stories are in part beyond the ken of most students to comprehend fully. In fact, even parents and teachers will likely need to read many of these stories a second time to grasp the highbrow humor.

Likewise, regarding vocabulary, all students should benefit according to their age, as the same stories, lessons and exercises are presented to everyone. That said, parents must decide which of the aforementioned drills, if you will, their children should undertake. Of course, babies in cribs, and toddlers still in diapers, are not expected to be exposed to anything other than Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes. Whereas, on the other hand, foreigners--college professors and other educated adults--will likely want to study everything offered. Reason being, to enlarge their English vocabulary, especially of idioms, as well as to improve their pronunciation.


Because all our products are fun to use, particularly our inherently humorous rhyming stories, Totally Literate appeals to all ages. Parents and teachers should enjoy them every bit as much as, if not more than, their charges do. Being that Totally Literate is a philanthropic organization, a non-profit, we are happy to make our program free to every educational institution who seeks membership. The membership granted to such organizations is Rhodium, which permits access to our entire website.

As time goes by, God be willing, we will offer more products, especially classic stories. We are also considering developing other educational programs, such as civics and logic. Both subjects, once requisites in practically every school curriculum a half-century ago, are today not offered even as electives. Everyone with a functioning brain, except the movers and shakers of society, hellbent on controlling us, should agree that these two subjects are sorely needed today. Consider this question, if you will, could our country, let alone the rest of the world, have gotten so chaotic were these two subjects still taught today? Without doubt, our nation would be much better today were the Bible not removed from classrooms! Of course, there is nothing we can do to rectify that, but we offer an alternative to parents who want to teach the Bible to their children. That is a direct link to the audio of the Bible Hub. Not only will the Bible Hub teach the holy word, but it does so in such a way that helps students to learn. Every word is highlighted as it is read aloud.

Every week or so, you can expect another word or two from us about educational, social issues, or our website.

We bid you a warm welcome to Totally Literate, and we hope that you and/or your children's learning experience is fun and enriching in many ways.


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