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In every grade school, high school, and college in English-speaking countries the ultimate goal of educators is for students to gain an appreciation for the written word. Unfortunately, however, perhaps the number of students complete their academic career with hardly any literary appreciation whatsoever. Too many students take English classes merely because it is required of them. So many high school and college graduates cannot see the value of literature. Consequently, they seldom read. Moreover, they cannot define literary appreciation beyond what is stated in their class syllabus.  Some students cannot even discern any difference between the quality of a literary masterpiece and that of a typical newspaper article.

Totally Literate endeavors to change this mindset. We provide some classics for beginners, some for students a bit older, and a few others for middle and high schoolers.


Our Classics Library contains just twelve books--six books on our Classics Webpage and six as Standard PDF's. All the books have highlighted text. The former group can be read in fourteen languages. The books in the latter group are generally much longer and have more pictures. They can be read in English only. 


Although the number of books may seem small, the number of pages is quite sufficient, especially for beginning readers. At any rate, to keep our offerings forever fresh, we will periodically replace current titles with new ones.

Every now and then, two or three titles from both sets will drop off and be replaced by new ones. Not to worry, these books will be available on our Campus Book Store. 

Classics Webpage

1.  The Wolf and the Kid

2.  The Frog Prince

3.  The Dog, The Cock, and The Fox

4.  Belling the Cat

5.  The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf

Classic PDF's

Supine Girl Reading a book in the open jaws of an alligator

6.  Rapunzel

1.  The Tale of Peter Rabbit

2.  Little Red Riding Hood

3.  The Three Billy Goats Gruff

4.  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

5.  Animal Farm

6.  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

  • To help students get a mental picture of each story, drawings and other graphics have been added judiciously.

  • Those stories that have been written in the Queen's English have been reworded to conform with American spelling and punctuation. And occasionally the punctuation has been modified to enhance readability. 

  • All the stories have been painstakingly reformatted so as to prevent sentences and paragraphs from stopping partway through. And many paragraphs have been shortened to make for easier reading and to prevent them from running over onto a following page. 

  • Stories of antiquity, written in Middle English or Old English, would scarcely be understandable today left in such obsolete styles. Over the course of history, these works have been rewritten countless times, leaving only the gist of them known with any degree of certainty. Hence, to provide members with a cohesive rendition that leaves no loose ends dangling, Totally Literate has taken poetic license to render its own version of the stories it presents. 

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