The Red Well-Read Reader

Cartoon character carefull reading a book.
  • A complimentary flipbook of TRWRR is provided with an honorary Topaz membership.

  • Additionally, a hardbound copy of TRWRR as well as Aerial Assault (narrations of the stories on MP3's) may be purchased at our Campus Book Store. 


  • 361 fun, thought-provoking, rhyming short stories.

  • Appeals to everyone, to parents as much as to children.

  • Some stories, in part, challenge even the most precocious students.

  • Fast learners never get bored with the challenging content. Yet, slow learners never feel overwhelmed, as decoding remains simple throughout the book's entirety.

  • Each student benefits according to his or her effort, age, and God-given ability.

  • It's a course in and of itself, systematically covering the entire phonetic makeup of the English language! 

  • TRWRR eBook is fully linked to enhance usability. (Audible links, however, are available only with our 8 sets of PDF's.)

The Red Well-Read Reader

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