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 The Red Well-Read Reader

Cartoon character carefull reading a book.
  • A complimentary TRWRR flipbook will be granted to any individual or organization for merely signing up for a free Associate Topaz Membership.

  • Additionally, a hardbound copy of TRWRR as well as Aerial Assault (downloadable narrations of the stories) may be purchased at our Campus Bookstore. 

Unique Features:

  • Appeals to everyone, to parents as much as to children.

  • Some stories, in part, challenge even the most precocious students.

  • Fast learners never get bored with the challenging content. Yet, slow learners never feel overwhelmed, as decoding remains simple throughout the book's entirety.

  • Each student benefits according to his or her effort, age, and God-given ability.

  • TRWRR eBook is fully linked to enhance usability. (TTS stories and narrated ones, however, are available only with various regular memberships.)

The Red Well-Read Reader

Free Fun Flipbook


TRWRR is Totally Literate's flagship product. It consists of 361 humorous, pithy stories. Generally, each one has a single predominate rhyme. The book starts off with stories having the "short a" sound. Story 1, for example, has an preponderance of words ending with "ab," such as cab, lab, and nab. And Story 2 has such words ending in "ack" or "ac" such as back, rack, and sacroiliac. There are twenty such groups in all. Systematically they cover the entire phonetic makeup of the English language. 

The book also contains a list of spelling rules, and hundreds of phonics charts, some of which are illustrated with cartoon characters.

TRWRR is not merely a book, but actually a reading course in and of itself, and free to all who earnestly desire to become critical thinking Totally Literate scholars.

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