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Google Translate App


How do you use GT on Totally Literate's website?

  • First, you must open it.

  • In the location bar (aka URL bar), type in Google Translate.

  • When you see "," click on it and keep it open, in the background, i.e., as a tab, while you work on Totally Literate.

What are GT’s main features?

  1. Multilinguals, for example, can be copied and pasted onto the GT platform.

  2. Text pasted on it can be "Read aloud" in 63 languages and read without TTS in 46 additional languages. That is 109 languages in all.

  3. On GT's platform, the “Read aloud” feature can be used to listen to synonyms, antonyms, etc. by first clicking any word of the text.

  4. Translations of stories, fables, and poems may be copied, pasted onto a Microsoft Word document, and even listened to by accessing Word’s “Read Aloud” feature under “Review.”

  5. The built-in mic allows you to input your own words on the platform. This feature can help students learn to spell or even to learn another language by conversing with a teacher.​

Google Translate Platform

Story 118 shown translated into Spanish
  • A click on the speaker icon on the box above on the left, you'll hear the story in English. And a click on the box above on the right, you'll hear the story in Spanish.

  • If you highlight any English word, let's take "mien" for example, then synonyms, antonyms, etc. for this word will open up in a box below the translations.

Shows definition and synonyms of "mien"
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