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TRWRR Mini Flipbooks

Narrated with Music & Sound Effects

TRWRR's 361 rhyming stories in audible book form, dubbed Aerial Assault, have been grouped into nine flipbooks narrated by a real breathing person, the author, TD McGann. 


Besides being efficacious, they are well over a ton of fun to use.


Moreover, they provide a sure way for students to pick up on various figures of speech, such as understatement, exaggeration, and irony. In other words, students will learn to grasp implied meanings. Put yet another way, students will learn to read "words hidden between the lines," so to speak.


Doubtless, these books will take young scholars on a wending garden path of blooming literary flowers, bushes, and trees in becoming Totally Literate independent, free thinkers! And, ultimately, with steadfast, vigilant parental guidance, the sage youths will gracefully move upward on an ineffable celestial path that will inevitably make the world immeasurably better for one and all.

Cover of Flipbook 2
Cover of Flipbook 9

Sample Pages 

Stories 3 & 4 of Mini flipook One with voice boxes with audio boxes

Fun and Efficacious!

Cartoon Character of woman appearing to introduce TRWRR mini flipbooks                           Totally Literate's Executive Secretary

All 9 Mini Flipbooks


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