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Immersive Reader Info


1. What is Immersive Reader?

It’s a free literacy tool developed by Microsoft. Although originally designed to help just students with dyslexia and dysgraphia, it's a boon to all students learning to read. Moreover, it is helpful to foreign speakers learning English, and to native English students studying any one of a host of foreign languages.


2. What can the Immersive Reader do?

It can read text aloud, increase spacing between words, change fonts, column size, and background colors. It can focus on one, three, or five lines at a time.  It can look up definitions of English words and/or give access to foreign dictionaries. And it can translate English into four scores of other languages.

3. How do you put a story on the Immersive Reader platform?

As depicted below, merely select a story with your mouse, right click on it and choose "Open selection in Immersive Reader."

Shows steps to access Immersive Reader

4. What do students see when entering the Immersive Reader platform?

On their screen they’ll see the story or poem they have selected as well as three headings on the toolbar above it. To wit-

3 things seen on toolbar


5. Can you change the speed and perhaps the speaker too?

Yes, but not initially. You must wait to the TTS voice starts, then pause it. After which, a new toolbar will appear with navigation controls and voice options. See the photo below:

speed and voice options, plus new toolbar with voice controls and voice options


6. Can foreign languages be Read aloud?

Yes, whichever language you're using, just click Read aloud and the text will be read.  However, if you want to hear the text in a different language, you must first go to Reading Preferences, then to Translate, where you can choose the language you want.


7. What are the Text preferences?

The Text preferences are Text size, Text Spacing, Choice of 3 fonts, and Choice of Page Themes (or backgrounds).

Text Preferences

Text Preferences


8.  Which Reading preferences are there?

Under Reading preferences students see a dialog box with two headings. Line Focus that shows one, three, or five lines, and Translate that can translate text into a multitude of languages. See photo below:

Reading Preferences

reading preferences


9. Can the Web and the Sidebar be accessed?

Yes, practically any word can be seen by clicking either "Search the web for [the word]" or "Search the sidebar for [the word]." Below is an example of how helpful this feature can be when "Bedouin" in Story 254 is clicked on. See photo below.

Beduoin photos


10. How many languages does Immersive Reader support?

It can translate text in roughly 80 languages. Of this number, some 50-60 percent are audible.

11. Which memberships have products that may be used by the Immersive Reader?

With a Turquoise Membership, you have access to Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes. With a Diamond Membership, you have access to both Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes and Fables. And with a Palladium Membership, you have access to Multilinguals and the two aforementioned products.

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