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 Play Onwards (POW) 

Vocabulary Workbook: Fill-in-the-Blanks
For Rank Beginning Readers! 

"Invisible Ink"

Play Onwards Vol. 1 with 226 pages and Play Onwards Vol. 2 with 198 pages together cover virtually every monosyllabic word in the English language.


Each sentence, including the missing word, written in "invisible ink," is heard when clicked on.


There's a corresponding blank space for each missing letter, making the exercises easy for beginners with parental help.


So that the exercises never become too easy thus boring, youngsters are required to print plurals of nouns as well as various forms of verbs.

 Play Onwards Volume 1

Play Onwards  cover with thumbnails

Desktop Users​


  • To go to a particular page, click on Thumbnails icon, or enter a page number in the box above the book in the navigation toolbar.

  • To magnify your view, double-click on a page. Then, with your mouse, drag left or right and up or down.

  • To return to normal view, double-click again. 

  • To silence the background music, tap on "Sound On" in the toolbar below the book.

  • With parental help, children barely able to print their name can make astounding gains in enlarging their vocabulary as well as in reading.

  • What's more, as children's vocabulary enlarges, their brain synapses expand commensurately. Thus, their mental acuity will increase significantly.​

Test Drive

Read Out Loud

Vols. 1 and 2

Photo showing how to Activate Read out loud

Steps to access the sample above:

1. Open the download in your folder. (Click on icon, not "Open File.")  

2. Click on Menu.

3. Click on View.

4. Click on Read out loud.

5. Click on Activate Read Out Loud.

Smartphone Users​


Cover of Play Onwards shown in mobile view
  • Tap "Click to view in fullscreen," which is superimposed on book.

  • Hold phone sideways.

  • Tap display to access toolbar on bottom of your screen. (When you tap it again, it will toggle off.)

  1. Toolbar controls (from left to right)

  2. Thumbnails

  3. Page controls and sizing

  4. Sound settings

  5. Email​​


Depiction showing how to access Thumbnails


Thumbnails of document pages


Depiction showing how to access Navigational Tools


Depiction showing how to turn on/off flip sound and background sound


  • With your thumbs, enlarge the screen and move it about so that top or bottom of either page is easy to read. 

  • To move forward or backward one page at a time, merely tap the right or left caret next to the page numbers.

  • To jump forward or backward over several pages, tap the thumbnails and scroll.

  • When through listening, hold your phone vertically then tap the caret on the bottom of your display to return to the mobile website.

Using the smartphone is not recommended for children under eight years of age or for older students who have not yet gained considerable reading skill.

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