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The Red Well-Read Reader

A cartoon character carefull reading a book, while pointing at a word.

TRWRR is Totally Literate's flagship product. It consists of 361 humorous, pithy stories. Generally, each one has a single predominate rhyme.


The book starts off with stories having the short "a" sound. To illustrate, Story 1 has a preponderance of words ending with "ab," such as cab, lab, and nab. And Story 2 has a  preponderance of words ending in "ack" or "ac," such as back, rack, and sacroiliac. There are twenty such groups in all. Systematically, they cover the entire phonological and phonemic makeup of the English language. 

Besides stories, TRWRR Flipbook contains a list of spelling rules, and hundreds of phonics charts, many of which are illustrated with cartoon characters.

TRWRR is not merely a flipbook, but it's actually a reading course in and of itself, Although inaudible, it is decidedly sufficient to teach students to learn to read, let alone learn to become independent and critical thinkers. What's more, its low cost is practical for families on a tight budget. It is one of two products within our lowest priced Topaz Membership.


 Unique Features:

  • Appeals to everyone, to parents as much as to children.

  • Some stories, in part, challenge even the most precocious students.

  • On one hand, fast learners never get bored because the content is always challenging, whereas, on the other hand, slow learners never feel overwhelmed and quit trying to learn all-together because decoding remains constant throughout the book's entirety.

  • Each student benefits according to his or her effort, age, and God-given ability.​

Front Cover of The Red Well-Read Reader


Fun Filled Flipbooks

  Various Forms:​

  • The TRWRR Narrated Flipbook consists solely of TRWRR's rhyming stories with Spanish transcriptions shown side by side one another on opposite pages. This flipbook is accessible to Gold and Palladium members. 

  • TRWRR is broken down into 9 Mini Flipbooks. In general, each book contains 40 stories. Each one has many links, providing a lot of fun navigating from story to story to Table of Contents. And the soothing classical music that plays between the narrated stories makes for an enjoyable experience.​

  • TRWRR stories are also included as PDFs. Two kinds are provided -- those that open on Edge and those that open as standard Adobe PDFs.  Each kind has wonderful and helpful distinctive features that the other lacks. Both kinds are included in a number of memberships.

  • Perhaps most helpful to students, especially foreign speakers, are TRWRR stories as Multilinguals.  Multilinguals can be read aloud in scores of languages by Text-To-Speech "spokespersons" fluent in whichever language chosen, so to speak. What's more, every line of these stories is highlighted in one color and each word contrasted in another color as it is read aloud.  

Each Form, Fun and Efficacious in its own right!

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