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Anti-Illiteracy "Playing Cards"

  • All 10 games played with a virtual deck of 360 cards.

  • Children of different ages and abilities can play at the same time.

  • Requires a parent or older sibling to officiate.

  • Numbers on front and back of cards are linked for easy use.

Front Side: Cards 1-4

Obverse or front side of Anti-illiteracy War Cards 1-4
  • The front and back of each card are linked with one another by the numbers on the top right of them.

  • Every word on the front and back of the cards are read aloud individually when clicked on.

Children develop various abilities:

  1. To sound out words.

  2. To spell practically any word.

  3. To use new vocabulary words appropriately in speech and writing.

  4. To speak clear and intelligently.

  5. To write sentences and paragraphs cohesively and cogently.

  6. Numbers are linked, making "cards" fun and efficient to use. (*Desktop only.)


  • Some games may be played for years on end and still render remarkable literacy growth.

Back Side: Card 1

Card 1: Back of Anti-illiteracy War Card

Something Else




Cover showing all 10 Anti-illiteracy Games
  • Scroll Down

  • Use Thumbnails and Bookmarks to Navigate

  • Toggle Them on/off

  • Use Carets on top center of pages to go forward or backward within any group of four cards

  • Download and Open in Folder to Activate Links

These games are great fun for everyone, including parents and teachers!

Dr. Knott, Dean of Education points to caption saying that the games are "great fun for everyone"
Picture depicts that the file must be downloaded so as to open as an Adobe PDF.
Shows how to access thumbnails and bookmarks

Note: The Adobe Read out loud feature is not available on smartphones.

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