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Microsoft Edge Browser

Edge Browser

Edge is super special. At Totally Literate, we think it’s the cat’s meow. It practically purrs!

Ms. Wright, Totally Literate Executive VP of Marketing
  • It has several remarkable features. Herewith are just three:

  1. It can read aloud our Totally Literate website in some 60 languages

  2. It can translate English text into 40 additional languages. 

  3. It enables you to put stories on the Immersive Reader platform, on a MS Word document, or on the Google Translate platform.  


  • Because Edge is the only browser that provides a seamless interface with our website, because it is the only browser that has built-in T-T-S (Text-to-Speech) capability, and because so much of Totally Literate is predicated on it, it is essential to use this powerful, super-duper browser.

  • The voice controls are the three carets in the center of the toolbar, shown below, albeit faint.

Shows the 3 carets of voice controls


  • After the text has been read and you want to move to another page, you must pause the speaker, otherwise it will continue reading the text on the page you just left.

  • The voice options are located to the right on the same toolbar as the voice controls. They allow you to switch to a different speaker and speed up or slow down the speaker's delivery.

Photo shows how to adust speed & change TTS voice


With Flag Languages, you can go back and forth from one language to another without changing speakers.

  • When using Non-Flag Languages, however, you do have to change the speaker to a voice that speaks the language you intend to use next.

For example, say you had been using Catalan and went to English without first going to Voice options and switching to an English speaker, then the English text would be read in Catalan. 

  • The Edge Browser, like most of the other tools and platforms used on our Totally Literate website, has a twofold function. One, to help all students, regardless of age and ability, with or without learning handicaps, learn to read in a fun, fail-safe manner. Two, to help foreign speakers worldwide understand English and speak the language properly, and, likewise, to help native English speakers study practically any foreign language under the sun.

Cartoon character with finger to his noggin
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