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TRWRR Narrated Flipbook

Beneficial to all students. Spanish transcriptions of The Red Well-Read Reader stories make it particularly easy for Spanish speakers to follow along.

Audible TRWRR Stories written in English with Español Transcriptions 

Narrated by the author.

Cover of Narrated TRWRR flipbook
  • 361 Audible TRWRR Stories with Spanish Transcriptions.

  • TRWRR Stories Narrated in English with Musical Accompaniment and Apt Sound Effects.

  • Offers the best way for students to pick up on the rather highbrow humor of the stories.

  • To save flipping pages back and forth, each TRWRR story and corresponding Spanish transcription is laid out on opposite facing pages.

  • 438 pages.

  • For All Students

  • Gold Membership​


Story 259 with voice box n English with Spanish Transcriptions
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