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A Membership to Suit Everyone

  • There is no initiation fee for any membership.

  • All memberships run for a half year.​

  • Members in any upper tier are entitled to all the products within their own tier plus those in lower tiers as well. For example, Turquoise members are entitled to Print & Cursive Exercises, 20 Classic Songs, the Phonics Flipbook, plus all six PDFs in Garnet Membership, i.e. Phonics Drills & Exercises, as well as Something Else and TRWRR Flipbooks in Topaz Membership.

  • ​Those PDFs marked with a single asterisk within Garnet, Turquoise, Sapphire, Ruby, and Pearl memberships are included in their respective membership even though the files may be downloaded onto members’ computers.

  • For those PDFs marked with a double asterisk in Amethyst, Emerald, and Diamond memberships, they may be purchased at our Campus Bookstore. With the Adobe Acrobat app, they can be converted to Word then read aloud on mobile devices any time . . . even without an Internet connection.

  • Because most memberships have files that can be copied or downloaded, no refunds can be given.

  • When memberships are about to expire, members will be alerted so, should they want, they may renew their current membership or switch to another one. 

  • It should behoove prospective students or parents to select a membership which will fulfill their own academic goals or their child’s, whichever the case, for the 180-day term of membership. However, if the student accelerates at a faster pace than had been expected, a second 6-month membership may be purchased. If this should happen, then two memberships will be in effect for a brief time. That is, until the first one purchased expires.

  • Rhodium, which is identical to Palladium, our premiere membership, is an honorary membership, free to all public and private educational institutions teaching reading, literacy, or English as a second language or as a foreign language, and to special friends of Totally Literate.​

Grade/Age Level

Grade/Age Level

Memberships/Products appropriateness for age/grade level
Desktop and Smartphone

Desktop / Smartphone

Being that Totally Literate begins teaching youngsters who are so young they cannot even tie their shoes yet, using a smartphone would be far too difficult for them. Besides, many of our most beneficial products to beginning readers are inaudible on smartphones or inaccessible altogether.  


As time goes by and youngsters' intellectual and manual skills develop appreciatively, it will then become possible for them to use smartphones. However, desktops should be used solely by all students initially.  And only much later will it become practical for them to use a smartphone. 


Audibility / Availability

Audible and Inaudible.jpg
Membership Fees

 Membership Fees

Members are entitled to products within their specific tier plus those in lower priced tiers as well.

TRWRR Flipbook & Something Else (Both Docs Inaudible)

Topaz, Garnet, Turquoise

Phonics Cards

Phonics Charts

Families 1

Families 2


Titles in Story Land

Handwriting Exercises

Nursery Rhymes & Lullabies

Phonics Flipbook

Sapphire, Amethyst, Jade

Play Onwards Vol. 1

Play Onwards Vol. 2

Spelling Rules

TRWRR Mini Flipbook 1

Phil Primer and Comp Check

Sign up for the membership of your choice  by clicking either a membership or price button.

TRWRR Stories: 4 PDFs, 90 Stories ea. 

TRWRR Mini Flipbook 2

TRWRR Mini Flipbooks 3-6

Ruby, Pearl, Emerald

Work on Words Vol. 1

Work on Words Vol. 2

TRWRR Mini Flipbook 7

Anti-illiteracy War Games

TRWRR Mini Flipbook 8

TRWRR Stories - Span Translations

          4 PDFs, 90 stories each

         TRWRR Mini Flipbook 9

Diamond, Gold, Palladium

Classic Stories: PDFs

Classic Fables: Web Page

Evangeline: Web Page

TRWRR Narrated Flipbook with Span Transcriptions


Identical to Palladium Membership

Honorary Rhodium Membership


Rhodium membership is an honorary (Free) Lifetime membership that shall be granted to any private or public elementary, middle or high school, as well as to any literacy council and library, to any prison facility, and to any college or university having a language lab. 

Family and Special Friends of Totally Literate may also become Rhodium members.


All you need to do is fill out one of the two forms below. After which, you'll have immediate access to everything included on our most comprehensive, regular Palladium Plan.


Rhodium Membership Application

For Schools, Literacy Councils, Prisons, etc.

Rhodium Membership Application

For Family and Special Friends of

Totally Literate

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