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Microsoft Word App

How may Word be helpful to Totally Literate scholars?

There are a few ways:

  1. Multilinguals (stories) can be pasted on a Word document.

  2. On a Word document, multilinguals can be translated from English into a number of other languages and compared with one another side by side.

  3. Multilinguals and the translations thereof can each be read aloud by "native" TTS speakers. 

  4. Word can change the look of text in numerous ways to make it easier and perhaps more fun for some.

  5. On a Word document, the Immersive Reader can be toggled on and off,

  • The photo below shows a Word document with all six Immersive Reader tools; namely, Column Width, Page Color, Line Focus, Text Spacing, and Read Aloud. To access them, first click View, then Immersive Reader.

Immersive Reader accessed in Word

An example of a multilingual translated into Italian and Portuguese.

With Word, Story 115 in English


With Word, Story 115 in Itallian


With Word, Story 115 in Portuguese


Sample Backgrounds on Word

Word, gray background
Word, light blue background
Word, navy blue background
Word, light green background


  • Microsoft Word subscription is required. With it you can access the files you have downloaded any time, even without an internet connection. For example, Hansel and Gretel, which as a download, is available only at our Campus Bookstore.

Purchasable documents accessible without internet connection
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