Anti-Illiteracy War Games 

  • 10 Games

  • All played with a virtual deck of 360 cards.

  • Children of different ages and abilities can play at the same time.

  • Requires a parent or older sibling to officiate.

  • Numbers of front and back of cards are linked for fun and ease of use.

Obverse or front side of cards 1-4.
  • For ease of navigation, thumnails should be kept open while playing.

Children develop various abilities:

  1. To sound out words.

  2. To spell practically any word.

  3. To use new vocabulary words appropriately in speech and writing.

  4. To speak clear and intelligently.

  5. To write sentences and paragraphs cohesively and cogently.

  6. Numbers are linked, making "cards" fun and efficient to use. (*Desktop only.)


  • Some games may be played for years on end and still render remarkable literacy growth.

Anti-illiteracy backside of Card 1
Cover lists all 10 Anti-illiteracy War Games

These games are great fun for everyone, including parents and teachers!

Dr. Knott, Dean of Education

Note: The Adobe Read out loud feature is not available on smartphones.