Anti-Illiteracy War College

Cartoon: Anti-illiteracy War College Building

For Budding Scholars Ages 5-105 

Independent Thinkers

Foreign Speakers

Special-Needs Students

Printing & Cursive Exercises


Classic Fables

War Games

Learning Modes

Learning Languages


Lullabies/Nursery Rhymes


Rhyming Stories

Cartoon character with one finger pointing to his brain and another finger, straight up.

Totally Literate, aka 2B Totally Literate & Celestial Bound, is an English reading/literacy program designed for native and foreign speakers alike. Most noteworthy, it can help future scholars with dedicated parents to think with their Heart & Mind Entwined, thus maturing into Totally Literate Independent, Critical Thinkers

Home School Seal of Approval Award 2017
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