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Anti-Illiteracy War College

For Budding Scholars Aged 5-105 

Independent Thinkers      Foreign Speakers     Special-Needs Students



Lullabies/Nursery Rhymes

Over 200 Pages of Interactive Charts
Sine qua non for All

Printing & Cursive

Plus Simultaneously Developing Spelling & Reading Abilities

Rhyming Stories

361 Stories Cover Phonetic Makeup of Eng. Lang.


From Beginning Readers to Wordsmiths

Learning Modes

10 Modes 2B Totally Literate to the Max

Classic Stories

For Beginners to High Schoolers


10 Anti-Illiteracy War Games


Learning English in Multiplicity of Languages

Foreign Language Acquisition 

Cartoon character with one finger pointing to his brain and another finger, straight up.
Tools for 108 Languages

Totally Literate, aka 2B Totally Literate & Celestial Bound, is an English reading/literacy program designed for native and foreign speakers alike. Most noteworthy, it can help future scholars with dedicated parents to think with their Heart & Mind Entwined, thus maturing into Totally Literate Independent, Critical Thinkers

Home School Seal of Approval Award 2017