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Totally Literate

Our Fully Literate Universal English Literacy Program offers multiple memberships designed for preschoolers, schoolchildren in early elementary school, remedial students in middle school and high school, students with learning disabilities, fast and not-so-fast learners, for adults who want to achieve more than functional literacy, Spanish and other foreign speakers who want to learn English well enough to discourse in it easily, and finally, for students of all ages, regardless of their mother tongue, who want to start learning one, two, or many other languages.

Having a seamless audiovisual interface, Edge is the one and only browser we recommend for our students and visitors.


Classical music is provided to facilitate reading and enhance your enjoyment.

An Honorary Premiere Membership may be granted to Public and Private Schools, Literacy Councils, Colleges teaching English as a foreign language, Prisons, etc.

The Red Well-Read Reader

The Red Well-Read Reader

The Red Well-Read Reader (TRWRR) is the nexus of our Totally Literate Program. Its main part is comprised of 361 short stories, each story typically containing just a single rhyme. All together, the stories systematically cover the entire phonetic makeup of the English language. These pithy stories, besides being inherently humorous, are in part decidedly highbrow, if you will. This keeps the brightest students from ever getting bored and spares adults from being talked down to. Moreover, owing to the stories' unvarying simplicity of decoding (that is, reading irrespective of comprehension), they never overwhelm slow learners and make them become dejected and quit trying to read altogether!

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"Smiles and/or laughs guaranteed on every page."


1. Not only do nursery rhymes develop attractive speech patterns, but they also are delightful to everyone, from babies in cribs to centenarians in rocking chairs! 

Nursery Rhymes

The world is a jungle to the unread!


Anti-Illiteracy War College

Anti-Illiteracy War College
Cartoon: Anti-illiteracy War College Building

Especially For:

Developing Independent, Critical Thinkers

Foreign Speakers

Special-Needs Students

Developing Perspicacious Minds
All-Out Guerilla Warfare on Illiteracy

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Brendon & Brighid McGann
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Learning to pronounce any word

Lullabies/Nursery Rhymes

Developing a love for language

Printing & Cursive Exercises

Developing spelling and reading abilities simultaneously

Rhyming Stories

Classic Fables

Covering entire phonemic makeup of Eng. lang.


Becoming a veritable wordsmith

Literacy Games

Ten fun, Anti-illiteracy War Games


10 ways to learn on desktops as well as smartphones



Primarily English, secondarily all other languages
Translating rhyming stories into scores of languages


To Help Young Scholars from 5-105 Years of Age Become Totally Literate.

Our Focus and Intent

To Nurture Very Young Students to Become Tomorrow's Leaders.

To Help Special Needs Students Overcome Their Handicaps or Handle Them More Effectively.

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To Help Foreign Speakers Comprehend English and Be Readily Understood Speaking it.

To Teach Students the Subtleties of the Written & Spoken Word.

To Help Students Develop Diverse Literacy Skills & Acquire Literary Appreciation.

To Have Everyone Smile and/or Laugh with Every Turn of the Page.

To Help Students Learn with Their Heart 'n' Mind Entwined!

Cartoon character with finger pointing to his brain.

Our Multicultural Student Body

Our Multicultural Student Body
Shows diverse group of multicultural happy smiling people
Photo shows International Students all with happy faces

1. Home Schoolers

  • First and foremost, Totally Literate is designed for children of dedicated parents who expect their little ones to rise to stellar heights.

  • To maximize parental involvement, all Totally Literate products, particularly TRWRR, have been designed to be as much fun for parents as they are for children. Even Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes will delight parents. Parents may sing along while their babies and toddlers are lulled to sleep. 


2. Rank Beginning Readers

  • Totally Literate has several products that youngsters can use for months on end without formally being taught. Phonics Drills & Exercises will teach them to decode words. Printing and Cursive Exercises expressly develop manual dexterity while subtly developing emergent reading skill. And Play Onwards, which further increases phonics awareness, also expands vocabulary greatly as well as develops basic spelling skill.


3. First Graders & Above 

Fast Learners

  • Because The Red Well-Read Reader stories are typically rather sophisticated in part―y