TRWRR Mini Flipbooks 

To get started, please follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on "Click to view in fullscreen." (This message is superimposed on the picture of each book.) 

  2. To view the navigation toolbar, one gentle tap below, above, or on the side of the cover will have it appear. Another similar tap will make it disappear.

  3. In most instances, a tap on the cover will bypass the introductory pages and take you directly to the table of contents where you can access any story.

  4. Holding your phone normally, that is straight up in the portrait position, frees one hand, thus it is the recommended way to view these stories. However, with the few stories that are long and display on two pages, such as stories 1 and 2 of book one, you must turn your phone to the landscape position to bring the sound box into view. To adjust the display, you should use both your thumbs. To listen, tap on the voice box. Only after you're through listening to a 2-page story should you turn your phone back to the portrait view, otherwise the recording will stop.

  5. In general, to listen to a story it's necessary to enlarge the display to make the sound box responsive to your tap. To do so, double tap on the display. Then, to revert the display to its normal size, you need to double tap on it again.  Usually, one tap is all it takes, but sometimes two or three or more taps are necessary. Be assured, your persistence will eventually pay off.  

  6. If you should like to mute the background music or the flipping sound, you can do so at any time by tapping the speaker icon on the toolbar, then following the two simple steps.

  7. When you're through viewing a book, tap on the big arrow at the bottom of your display. That will take you back to where you began. Then you'll be able to access the website's menu once again.


​* Because significant manual dexterity is required to view these books on a smartphone, we suggest that children do not attempt to use them until they reach, say, 8 or 9 years of age.