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Mobile App

The Mobile view differs considerably from the Desktop view.

Mobile users must learn how to translate stories, poems, etc. They must also learn how to access the Immersive Reader.


With constant practice, navigating the Totally Literate website on a smartphone becomes an enjoyable experience in and of itself. What's more, as students develop mobile navigating skill, they will have more opportunities to access the Totally Literate website. Plus, the skill they will acquire from navigating our website will carry over and enable them to navigate other websites as well.


In effect, young scholars will become totally literate on iPhones, smartphones, tablets and so forth. More important, they will realize the ability to access a world of knowledge that's literally shorter than an arm's length away.


Steps to translate languages (To illustrate, we will pretend to translate English into Croatian.)

Step One: Tap English in Photo 1. That will bring up a long list of languages. 

Step Two Tap Croatian in Photo 2.


Photo 1


Photo 2

Step Three: Tap Show in Photo 3. That signifies that English will be used to translate, as shown in Photo 4

Step Four: Tap Translate in Photo 4.


Photo 3

Photo 4

Step Five: To change the Speed, Language, or Voice, tap the icon to the right of the navigation controls on Photo 5.

  • You'll need to tap Language if the text and the TTS voice don't match. This will likely happen every now and then.

  • You may also want to change the Language when, for example, you are using Spanish as spoken in Mexico when you would prefer to hear it as spoken in Spain. See Photo 6.


Photo 5

Photo 6

  • If the option to translate is not tapped within a few seconds, it will drop out of sight." To retrieve it, you must tap the three parallel bars on the bottom right of your screen. Then, on the popup menu that will appear, scroll down to "Translate" and tap it.

Immersive Reader

To access Immersive Reader, the book icon must be visible after the URL as shown below:


When the book icon is visible, you can read multilinguals, poems, paragraphs, even entire webpages. Moreover, you can do this whether you're using a Flag Language, a Non-Flag Language, or any other language. 

How to put the Book icon after the URL

Putting this icon after the URL is not done by any action by individual users, but by Microsoft's algorithm. 

Here are the two simple steps that will trigger the algorithm for our Totally Literate website..

One, click the link below, which will take you to the Multilinguals webpage.

Two, once there, refresh your screen.

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