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Translating Blogs

Translating Blogs from English into Another Language

Welcome to Totally Literate

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"What are we all about?" you wonder. Firstly, we are about helping future scholars become fully actualized, that is, reach their full potential. Secondly and lastly, we are about helping foreign students understand English and to be understood when they converse in this language.

We fancy our website as being right for all aspiring Totally Literate students. We think it's right for any child no matter how young and for any adult no matter how old. You wonder, "How can this be?" The answer, the subject matter differs. Toddlers, still in diapers, are not expected to acquire a vocabulary approaching that of a college professor…not right off certainly, and college professors, foreign ones that is, aren't expected to spend much time memorizing nursery rhymes and singing along to lullabies.

Because all our products are fun to use, particularly our inherently humorous rhyming stories, Totally Literate appeals to all ages. Parents should enjoy the stories every bit as much as do their children, if not more so. 

No doubt, you're wondering what "Something Else" is about! As you likely know full-well, this complimentary product, along with The Red Well-Read Reader Flipbook, has been promised to all visitors who become Honorary members. It's actually the Anti-illiterate War Games. "Something Else" is fully linked. Also, it's loads of fun and efficacious too, almost as much as the audible version entitled to members with a Pearl membership or above.  

Again, we bid you welcome to our website. As time goes by, perhaps every week or so, we should have another word or two to say. Until then, Happy Learning!

Shows highlighted text to be translated

To translate a blog, follow these steps:

Step One: Right click anywhere on the blog.

Step Two: From the drop-down menu, select "Translate to [whichever language is given]. (In this case it is French.)

Step Three: Click on the blue translate icon in the second toolbar from the top. 

Shows second toolbar from top of page

Step Four: When the box pictured below appears, click on "Show original." 

Shows step to translate text

Step Five: Click on the translate icon again, then in another menu that appears, check the small box next to "Always translate pages from English," then click the caret to the right of "French" and, from the drop-down menu that will appear, pick the language of your choice and click "Translate." 

Shows another step to translate text

Here is how your translation would look had you picked Bosnian:

Shows translated text in Bosnian
Shows cartoon character writing with a feather pen
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