Overview of TL on Mobile Devices

Pages, Files, and Flipbooks

Features and Accessibility



14 Flag Languages

Audio inaccessible, Text accessible


Intro to TL,

Workbooks,  and Vocabulary

Audible (Portrait View: Single page)

Tap on view in fullscreen. Tap on 3 vertical dots on top right of screen then, from the drop-down menu, tap on "Desktop site" to make narrator visible. When he or she is visible tap anywhere on the screen to start the narration. (Tap on narrator's photo to pause the narration.) To navigate use left/right carets located midway on screen and/or tiny controls at bottom of screen. (Each iteration is repeated a second time due to Single page view.) WHEN THROUGH VIEWING, DESELECT "DESKTOP SITE."



Tap on View in fullscreen. To navigate, either use your thumb to go from page to page or access controls at bottom of screen.

PDF Traditionals

Examples on webpages

Printing and Cursive (Turquoise)

Drills and Exercises (Amethyst)

Anti-illiteracy War Games (Pearl)

Play Onwards 1 and 2 (Sapphire)

Work on Words 1 and 2 (Ruby)

Classic Stories (Diamond)


Tap on 3 vertical dots at top of screen and select "Desktop site." After what may be a pregnant pause for large files to reload, pinch the screen with thumb and index finger to focus in on the file you want, then enlarge and scroll.

TRWRR Inaudible Flipbook (Topaz)

English - Spanish Flipbook (Palladium)

Tap on "View in fullscreen." (DO NOT go to "Desktop site.") As you tap on "View in fullscreen" a toolbar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it or drag it slowly up to have a second toolbar appear. Now you have full control. It's like viewing the flipbook on a desktop.

Multilinguals and Classic Stories 

Audible with Google Translate App

Audible with Microsoft Word App

Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes

Fully Functional

Audible Mini Flipbooks

Fully Functional