Armament and Ordnance

Empowering and Fun!

  1. PDF's: Text is read word by word, line by line, or paragraph by paragraph depending on context. Great for learning to read - or decode - and pronouncing words correctly.

  2. English-Spanish Flipbook: All 361 TRWRR rhyming stories narrated in English. Stories and Translations seen side by side.  A comprehension aid systematically covering the entire phonetic makeup of the English language.

  3. TRWRR Mini-Flipbooks: Highly Interactive Comprehension aids.

  4. Multilinguals: TRWRR rhyming stories can be heard in over 40 languages. Besides developing reading comprehension and building a prodigious vocabulary, Multilinguals can translate English text into a multitude of other languages.

  5. Immersive Reader - Standard Version: It is available to Turquoise members and above. Words are highlighted as they are read aloud. IR is especially helpful to very young beginning readers and special-needs students.

  6. Immersive Reader - Word Version: It is accessible to all Totally Literate regular members who are Microsoft 365 subscribers. IR toggles on Word. Color-coded rhyming stories of TRWRR  stand out distinctively.

  7. Word: It has multiple applications. It is ideal to compare languages, practice pronunciation, write compositions in English, or to study a foreign language.

  8. Google Translate: Translates English text into 108 languages, and the English audio into nearly 60% of them. Text on GT may be copied and pasted onto a Word document or selected and opened on the Standard IR platform.

  9. Edge Sidebar: Provides access to an unabridged dictionary that has audible  definitions, pronunciation aids, plus it gives access to informative and entertaining  complementary YouTube videos.

  10. Smartphones: They have multiple usages. They enable an English teacher and a foreign student to dialog in two languages simultaneously. In a snap, they translate English text and speech into a multitude of foreign languages. They allows for comparison of English with other languages. They give students a platform to self-check their pronunciation. And they allow students with Adobe Acrobat Pro to listen to all of Totally Literate's downloadable files.

Fun and Empowering!

Website Readable in 78 Languages, Audible in 45 Languages

Individual Stories Audible on *IR and Smartphones in 60 Languages

Selected Text Readable in 108 Languages

Audible Printing and Cursive Exercises

68 Web Pages

27 PDF's

10 Anti-illiteracy War Games

64 Documents

12 Flipbooks

4+ Vocabulary Builders

20 Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes

361 Rhyming Stories

14 Classic Stories

> 16,000 TRWRR Story Translations (Multilinguals)

* Immersive Reader