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Program Presentation

Totally Literate

Listening on Desktops

  1. Tap the speaker on Susie Q's skirt to hear the presentation.

  2. Tap the arrow to Susie's left to follow her from page to page.

  3. Tap the arrow to her right to have her repeat what she said on the previous page.

Reading/Listening on Smartphones 

To read the text:

  • Merely tap the flipbook cover. 

  • Hold your phone either upright or sideways. 

  • Use your fingers to leaf through the book.

  • When through reading, tap the left-pointing caret at the bottom of your screen to return to Mobile site.

To listen to presentation: 

  1. Tap on the flipbook cover.

  2. Tap on the three linear bars that will have appeared on the bottom of your screen, then scroll to "View desktop site" and tap on it.

  3. When Susie Q pops up, turn your phone to landscape view to listen. (The voice and navigational controls are superimposed on her blouse and skirt.)

  4. After listening to her presentation, turn your phone back to portrait view, then tap on the arrow that will have appeared on the very bottom toolbar of your screen. That should return you to the "Mobile site." 

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