The world is a jungle to the unread!

Your donations will keep the proverbial tiger at bay. They will enable us to help you parents better educate your children. 

With your donations, we will create other academic programs, such as traditional mathematics, American History, Civics, and Logic - all of which are either no longer taught, boringly taught, or utterly confusingly taught by Common Core. 

Our ultimate goal is to educate our youth to become a little smarter and a little wiser, so that they, in turn, will make the world saner, less hostile, and more loving toward one another within a generation, or two, or three, God be willing!


Because Celestial Bound, aka Totally Literate and 2B Totally Literate, is a philanthropic organization and because Uncle Sam and his less known better half Aunt Sami are so magnanimous, loving and kind, your contributions are tax deductible.


Thanks for helping us in our continuous efforts to create affordable products and to stamp out illiteracy in its many sundry shades. 

Face of a Tiger


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