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Anti-illiteracy War Games on Smartphones

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Screenshot 3 dots.png

Steps to view AIWGs on Smartphones:​

  • With your thumb or other finger, press firmly on your phone's display and drag downward until three linear dots appear, as shown above.


  • Tap the 3 dots. Then, on the pop-up menu that appears, scroll down until you find "View desktop site," and select it.


  • After the file appears, hold your phone horizontally, and use both of your thumbs to center the file on your display.


  • Next, tap on the links. That's all there is to it.


  • When you're through using the games, turn your phone upright or vertically, and tap on the 3 dots again. Now scroll down again, this time until you find "Mobile site." A tap on that will return you to the Totally Literate website.

"Read aloud" feature for individual words does not function on smartphones.


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