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An Aesop Fable

The Sheep and the Pig

Shepherd with his flock of sheep.

One day a shepherd discovered a fat Pig wandering in the meadow where his Sheep were grazing. He quickly attempted to catch it. But the porker squealed the moment the Shepherd came towards it. And when the Shepherd laid hands on it, it squealed so loud you would have thought that the Pig was being butchered alive.


Despite its squeals and struggles to escape, the Shepherd tucked his prize under his arm and started off towards his barn.


The Sheep in the pasture were much astonished and amused by the Pig's behavior and followed the Shepherd and his charge to the pasture gate.


One of the Sheep asked the Pig. “What makes you squeal so loud? When the good Shepherd catches and carries off one of us, none of us makes a blood-curdling fuss about it as you do."


With a squeal and a frantic kick, the Pig replied "Your behavior is very well and good and noble too. But you see, when he catches you, he wants only wool. But when he catches me, he wants pork chops, bacon, scrapple, and ham!"


Moral: It’s foolish to judge without considering possible ulterior motives.


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