Reading TRWRR Stories and Spanish Translations on Edge

There are a few things you should know for a pleasurable learning experience.


First, click on "Page view" on the toolbar then choose "Two page." Now scroll down a little until the first stories appear. You'll notice that the English text is on the left and the Spanish text, on the right.


Then click on "Read aloud." If you were expecting to hear a English voice or vice versa and its not the voice you want, pause the recording and go to "Voice options" on the toolbar and change to the voice you'd like.


Now, let's say you've picked an English voice, then you should want to read just the English text. You could do this three ways. One, by switching voices at the end of each page, which is rather tedious. Two, use the right caret on the center of the toolbar to skip over the Spanish text that you don't want to hear presently, which is tedious too. Or, three, revert to the single-page view. (Don't forget to expand the document to full-page width.)


Although the single-page view doesn't lend itself to close comparison of the two languages, it is super easy to use. When you're through listening to the English text of one story, you can skip over the Spanish to the next English text without even pausing the recording. In fact, you could skip over ten, twenty, or more stories if you'd like.