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Totally Literate on Smartphones

Edge App

Edge App

  • Android users should go to Play Store and iPhone users, to Apple Store to download the Edge Browser.  (Only the Edge app should be used to read the Totally Literate website.)

Selecting a Flag Language

  • To select a language to read the Totally Literate website, tap the circular mobile menu icon with its three horizontal lines. Then tap whichever flag language is shown. That will reveal a list of all 14 flag languages. Next, tap the flag that represents the language you wish to use. 

Alternative Method 

  • Tap twice on the black trapezoidal figure on the bottom of your display to bring up options.​

Alternate way to navigate in mobile view
  • Tap the three parallel horizontal bars to the left and below the trapezoid to pop up the website menu.

  • Tap on any page you'd like to read.

3 parallel bars to access menu
  • Tap the "x" opposite "Pages" on the top of the menu to reveal the page you want to read.

  • Tap the trapezoid again to drop it a bit, then you will be able to see the full page.

Reading Aloud

  1. With your thumb or other finger, press down on your screen to reveal three parallel lines on the bottom right of it.

  2. Tap the three lines to bring up a menu.

  3. Scroll down to "Read aloud," and tap on it. The narration should begin right away. And the voice controls should appear atop the page.

  4. When you're through reading aloud, just x-out on the left of the voice controls.

  • More on reading aloud in "Translating"  below.​


Reading Aloud
  1. As with "Reading Aloud," use your thumb or other finger and press down on your screen to reveal three parallel lines on the bottom right.

  2. Tap the three lines to bring up a long menu.

  3. Scroll down and tap "Translate."

  4. On the top of your display you should see a language there just below the URL, tap it.

  5. Then, a list of all the languages, both audible and inaudible, should pop up. Tap the one you want. 

  6. Provided it's an audible language that you have picked, to hear the page that you're on read aloud, scroll to "Read aloud" again and tap on the page you have chosen.

  7. You must translate each page you want to hear, but it's easy and quick to do so. Just tap "Translate" in the box next to the language you're using on the top of your screen. 

  8. To go to English from the translated language, you can do so by toggling. Where the "Translate" button had been, you should see "Show."

  • When you're through reading aloud the translated language and want to return to any other flag language except English, of course, you must repeat steps 2-4.

  • If you have been using only flag languages, there is no need to translate because the translation is automatic. However, if you go from a flag language to a non-flag language, you will have to translate the non-flag language to a flag language. In other words, you must repeat steps 2-4. 

Accessing Immersive Reader 

  • The Immersive Reader is somewhat of a misnomer in this context. Actually, it's much more than that. 

  • With a single tap on the opened-book icon next to the URL, you have immediate access to translating and reading aloud scores of languages on the Immersive Reader Platform.

Accessing IR

Features to become familiar with:

Shows Table Menu to access Settings
Show "Appearnce" that makes accessing Immersive Reader possible
Shows How to Access Immersive Reader
Shows how the background of Pages can be changed with Immersive Reader
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