Q and A

Q 1: 

Is the Adobe Acrobat Reader free?


Yes. Here is the link to download it―


Q 2: 

How do I access Adobe "Read Out Loud?"


Please follow the four steps below.

Step 1: Open any PDF file...

Step 2: Click on View....

Step 3: Click on "Read 0ut Loud."

Step 4: Click on Activate Read Out Loud.

Q & A photo_edited.jpg

Q 3:

Where do I find the speaker controls?"


Click on "Edit," then "Preference," then "Reading." Next, make your selections in the box under "Read Out Loud Options." 

A user box
A user box

Q 4:

How do I use the controls for the PDF's that open up in Edge?


After you open a file, the first thing to do is set the "Page view," then click on "Read aloud."

controls for pdf's that open in Edge.png

A few seconds later the file will dim, and the text will start to be read aloud. 

To stop or pause the reading, click on the center caret in the top toolbar. The page will then look clear. 


Next, click on "Voice options," and note the possible selections, 'though it shouldn't be necessary to make any changes.:

Voice controls 2.png

Now you can move to any page and continue to read. Then, as before, your screen will dim and the built-in reader will read aloud a highlighted row of text. 


To repeat a paragraph or advance to another one, dim the screen and use the outside carets.

Incidentally, moving rapidly from one paragraph to the next, while reading just a few words of each, can help when reading big books such as The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland or Animal Farm.  This speedreading method may help with comprehension.

Q 5:

How does one navigate on the English-Spanish PDF's that open in Edge?


Once you start listening in one language, whether it be English or Spanish, you can switch to the other language by going to "Voice options." Moreover, you could keep a Spanish voice for both languages, as you can understand the Spanish voice though it sounds like a native Spanish speaker with a distinct native accent.

You can resize your screen in a number of ways.

And you can use your mouse to scroll from one story to another one.

To refresh your screen, or in other words to make new choices, right click anywhere on it, select "Refresh," then right or left click on it.


If the document below were bigger, you would see a Table of Contents after refreshing that would enable you to go straight to any story in the file.      


(Click on "Page view" then "Two page" view.)

Sample Translation Pages

Q 6:

How do you use PDF's on mobile phones? 


Yes, but you first must purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and have it installed on your computer.


Is there any reason to put the Totally Literate files that I have downloaded onto a cloud?


Most certainly, especially if you intend to use them on a smartphone. On Adobe's Creative Cloud would be a good choice. 

Q 8:

How do you enable the narrator to speak on a mobile phone? 


When you go to one of the three pages that have an animated narrator you'll see these words superimposed on the document, "Click to view in full screen." So, to view the narrator, we follow these steps --

Step One: Tap on, "Click to view in full screen."

Step Two: Tap on the three vertical dots, usually found on the top of your screen,  then tap on "Desktop site.

Step Three: When the narrator appears, you should shift to the landscape view. That is, to hold your phone horizontally. 

Step Four: Tap on the narrator image, and it will be begin speaking.

Step Five: To pause the narrator, tap on its image. To resume its narration, tap on it again. 

Step Six: To move forward or backward from page to page, use the large carets on either side of your screen.

  • When through listening to an introduction then get back to the menu, please follow these steps:

Step One: Tap the three vertical dots on top of your screen, then deselect, "Desktop site."

Step Two: Tap on the caret on the bottom left of your screen.

Step Three: Tap on the three vertical bars on the top of your screen as shown below. That will take you to the menu.

Prof Kew 2.png

Q 9:

Is it possible to hide the toolbar on the top of a desktop screen so that they won't distract students?


Yes, F11 will allow you toggle the tabs off and on. However, when they are hid you must right click on a page to access the voice controls. 

Q 10:

How can I set parental controls to safeguard my children should they wander off on the Web?


Here are a few helpful links that will show you how set parental controls:  

Q 11:

Is it advisable to use the Kids Mode that Microsoft Edge offers?


Although the Kids Mode is excellent when children are surfing the Web by themselves, but when working on Totally Literate documents it's impractical. There are many impediments when using it. Perhaps the biggest one is that the navigational tools are hidden from view.

Q 12:

What should I do if I have a question not listed above?