Printing and Cursive Exercises

Totally Literate Love Birds

 Fun and Efficacious Tools (samples) 

To view a sample, click on the down arrow on top right of toolbar. As you do the menu pictured below will appear on top right of your screen.

Shows how to download files

When you click on "show in folder," you'll find the sample highlighted in your Download files. With the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you'll be able to open it. 

Students are introduced to phonics.

Phonics Charts

Students learn all 43 Consonants and Consonant Blends.

14 pages.

Families 1 & 2

Students gain further phonics skill as they subtly learn to spell and enlarge their vocabulary considerably. Plus, it's a boon for students contending with dyslexia.

        2 volumes - 110 pages together


Students further build their vocabulary, learning hundreds of multi-syllabic words, while steadily becoming better spellers. 

                     108 pages

Titles in Storyland

By studying these charts, students gain insight into the complexity of the phonemic makeup of the English language as they prepare to read the 361 stories of TRWRR.