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TRWRR PDFs in English and Spanish on Edge

Standard PDFs

These files are designed to help Spanish speakers learn English and, vice versa, to help English speakers learn Spanish. Although the stories are written in English, the translations are quite good indeed because they have been done by real people, professionals, as opposed to machines. 

Precautionary Notes:

  1. Any one of these files that you open for the first time in a learning session will have the same TTS voice as the one you had been using, whether it be Spanish, English, or some other language.​

  2. Voice changes cannot be made initially. Only after the recording has begun, can the TTS voice be changed. The procedure to sync the text with the "native" TTS voice will be explained below.

  3. Because of the way the documents are paginated, only when studying English should the stories and translations be viewed in the two-page view. That is, side by side.

  4. Lastly, only one TTS voice may be used at a time. However, Spanish voices can read English and vice versa, albeit the foreign accent may be disagreeable to some, if not most, students.

When you click on any one of the four files to open, it will look similar to the picture below. However, if you were to click on the barred icon on the top left of the document, the bookmarks would toggle to thumbnails.

Shows "Table of Contents" in English & Spanish on Left, and one story of English and one of Spanish on right

Presuming that the recording has already begun, and we have paused it, we can now go to "Voice options" and pick an English TTS voice, for its English we're using for this example. As you can see by looking at the picture below, we can also change the speed of the speaker's delivery.


Shows Voice Options and List of voice choices


Now that we have chosen an appropriate voice, we are ready to select "Page view." The picture below is a "two page" view, having stories written in English on the left and Spanish translations thereof on the right. In this view, only stories are to be read aloud. The translations will be skipped over. They're done so by simply scrolling down to the next pair of pages. 

Shows stories 268-9 in English on left and same in Spanish on right


And we must use the single page view to study Spanish. But we can also use it as an alternative way to study English.


However, now, we do indeed want to study Spanish. So, we must go to the Voice options and pick a Spanish speaker. 

Vertical placement of stories 268-9 in English on top, and same in Spanish on bottom

Returning to a Previous Language -

When you are through with your learning session for the day and you want to return to a web page or document that's in a different language, you must change the TTS voice to that previously used language.

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