Work on Words (WOW) 

Vocabulary Workbook: Multiple Choice
For First and Second Graders and Scholars Much Older

  • Whereas POW is designed for rank beginning readers, WOW is designed for slightly older children who have  demonstrated some reading ability.

  • The focus here is solely on vocabulary building.

  • With a left click on any word or phrase, the selection will be heard.

  • By hearing the various selections, as opposed to merely seeing them, children will find it easy to match vocabulary words with their respective definitions.

  • For slightly older wordsmiths, they can double left click on any word, say gyve, then right click on it and be whisked to There they could select the definition with their mouse and hear it read aloud. How cool be that? Very, to say the least!

Definition of gyve

Work on Words Vol. 1 and 2 do the same as their sister workbooks, Play Onwards. That is, together they cover virtually every monosyllabic word in the English language.

Albeit, many words are beyond the ken of most beginners. Therefore, the parent/teacher must use discretion in choosing which words to cover initially, and which ones to leave till later when her children are a bit older.