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Multilinguals on Desktops

Which memberships can access Multilinguals?

  • Members must have the top tier membership, the Palladium Membership, to access them.

How are the sets of Multilinguals accessed?

  • By merely clicking Multilingual Sets under Palladium on the Members Only page, all ten sets will pop up. Then, to commence a learning session, click on one of the sets. ​

 Shows Index of Multilingual Sets in English

What does a set look like opened?

Shows Stories 253-4 of Multilinguals Set Eight

How are the stories read aloud?

  • Actually, there are five or six ways to do so, depending on how you count Word documents. Here they are --

  1. By clicking on the "Translate" icon on the URL toolbar.

  2. By right-clicking an any word of a story then left-clicking on "Read aloud," from the drop-down menu. ​

  3. By selecting an individual story with your mouse then right-clicking "Open selection in Immersive Reader" from the drop-down menu.

  4. For members with Microsoft Word, by copying a selection, then pasting it on a blank page.

  5. Also with Word, you can modify the look of a story according to your child's particular needs, and you can modify the story in additional ways by toggling the Immersive Reader. 

  6. By copying a story and pasting it onto the user box of Google Translate.

The many ways to access Multilinguals makes it possible for speakers of virtually every language to access them. Of the 109 world languages, roughly sixty percent of them can be read aloud by a TTS speaker.

Yes, to do so you double left-click on the word you want to look up then right click on "Define" from the drop-down menu. 

Depicts how "cloak" is pronounced & gives the definition of the word with an example of how it can be used.

Yes, you can. To do so, double left-click on the word then choose either search the web or search the sidebar, that will open a wide array of possibilities. Below is an example:  

On left, it shows "artichoke" highlighted in a story, and on the right there's a green picture of same in the sidebar

Is access to the web and sidebar available when using foreign languages?

​Yes indeed, and the videos found there are extremely culturally enriching.

Multilinguals: Non-Flag Languages 

Accessing Non-Flag languages: 

Step One: Be under the American flag in order to get the best fidelity.


Step Two: Access any one of the ten sets. 

Step Three: Click the Read aloud icon, which is on the URL toolbar. That will start an English TTS voice to speak. 

Step Four: Pause the English voice, then click on "Voice options" and select the voice you intend to use. For our example, we'll use Everita, who speaks Latvian. 

Step Five: Next, select one of the stories with your mouse, and click "Translate to [whichever language is given.]" (In this example, it is English, despite it already being in English. (The reason for this is that the given language is always the language last used.)

Reads "Translate selection to Croatian, with arrow pointing to it


Step Six: Click on the title Multilinguals - Set Two. This action changes the set from Croatian to Latvian, and it makes the Translate icon appear.

Arrow points to Translation icon allowing for Croaatian to be changed to Latvian


Step Six: Next, click on the Translate icon, which is on the same line as the URL. This action will cause the user box below to appear.

Show option to click on Done or Show original


Step Seven: Click on "Show original" as in the picture above. When you do this, the text will revert to English and be set for translation. 

Step Eight: Click on the Translate icon again. This will bring up a long list of languages. Then click on "Always translate pages from English" and scroll down to Latvian and click it.

Shows checked box, "Always translate pp from Eng & arrow pointing to Latvian


Now, not only has Multilinguals - Set Two been translated to Latvian, but everything else on the entire website has been translated to Latvian! See the picture below:


Website tabs are now in Latvian
Tabs in Latvian
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