Listening to Mini Flipbooks

Steps to View Mini Flipbooks on Mobile Devices

  1. Tap on "Click to view in fullscreen," the caption superimposed on the mini flipbook. Instantly, background music will play.

  2. In the portrait position, use your thumb to leaf through the pages.

  3. If you press gently on the book cover you'll be taken to an index of stories.

  4. A tap on one of the titles will transport you to the page on which the story is visible.

  5. Click on the sound box to listen. Tapping again on it, or simply moving to another page, will stop the recording.

  6. When you're through listening, tap the caret at the bottom left of  your screen. It will take you back to the main menu.

Steps to Adjust Mini Flipbook Background Music on Desktop

  1. By clicking on the speaker icon, located either on the bottom right or left of the file, you'll see a slider to adjust the background sound.

  2. If you click on the speaker icon you are shown an option to turn off the background music completely.


  • On mobile devices, unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the background music. It plays continuously except during narrated stories.