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TRWRR Mini Flipbooks

Narrated with Music & Sound Effects

TRWRR's 361 rhyming stories and Aerial Assault have been grouped into nine flipbooks that are narrated by a real respiring person, the author, TD McGann. 


A tenth book has been added to the group that contains comprehensive, interactive, phonics charts. 


Besides being empowering, these books make learning to read tons of fun.


Moreover, they provide a sure way for students to pick up on various figures of speech, such as understatement, exaggeration, irony, and reductio ad absurdum. In other words, students learn to grasp implied meanings, or put yet another way, "words hidden between the lines," if you will. Doubtless, these books put young scholars on a direct, smooth path in becoming Totally Literate independent thinkers!

Mini Flipbook 2
Mini Flipbook 9

Sample Pages 

Mini flipook 1 opened to Stories 3 & 4

Fun and Efficacious!

Stick figure, Totally Literate's Executive Secretary
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