Printing & Cursive Exercises

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While practicing Printing and Cursive, students learn to decode (i.e. read) & spell.

 Printing & Cursive Exercises

  • Interactive, Fun Drills.

  • 126 pages.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of the English Language.

  • While Practicing Printing & Cursive, Beginners learn Phonics & Develop a Budding Vocabulary. 

  • Serves as a Reading Primer.

  • Provides a Choice of Several Fonts.

  • Lined, colored writing paper.

  • Illustrations for every drill.

  • Print out lesson & listen while writing.

Young female cartoon character is writing at her desk.

It's fun learning to write legibly!

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Each word (both in print and cursive) as well as each sentence is heard individually as it is clicked on.

With Adobe PDF, words are read aloud when clicked on.

 Turquoise Membership (Members have access to Printing & Cursive   Exercises, Phonics Mini Flipbook, 20 Classic Lullabies & Nursery       Rhymes) plus all products in lower tiers.) Only $36 per quarter