Printing and Cursive Exercises

While practicing Printing and Cursive, students learn to decode (i.e. read) & spell.

 Printing and Cursive Exercises

  • Interactive, Fun Drills.

  • 126 pages.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of the English Language.

  • While Practicing Printing & Cursive, Beginners learn Phonics & Develop a Budding Vocabulary. 

  • Serves as a Reading Primer.

  • Provides a Choice of Several Fonts.

  • Lined, colored writing paper.

  • Illustrations for every drill.

  • Print out lesson and listen while writing.

Young female cartoon character is writing at her desk.

It's fun learning to write legibly!

goofy scholar - Copy.jpg

Each word (both in print and cursive) as well as each sentence is heard individually as it is clicked on.

With Adobe, words are read aloud when clicked on.