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TRWRR's Narrated Stories with Music & Sound Effects

TRWRR's stories and Aerial Assault have been combined and grouped into nine flipbooks, while a tenth flipbook contains yet another interactive phonics chart.  Besides being empowering to use, the Mini Books, which are narrated stories set to music with apt sound effects,  make learning to read a lot of fun. What's more, they provide a sure way for students to pick up on various figures of speech, such as understatement, exaggeration, irony, and reductio ad absurdum. In other words, students learn to grasp implied meanings or "words hidden between the lines," so to speak. 

Book 2 of The Red Well-Read Reader
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Book 1 opened to Stories 3 & 4

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English-Spanish Flipbook

  • 361 TRWRR Stories-Spanish Translations.

  • TRWRR Stories Narrated in English with Musical Accompaniment and Sound Effects.

  • Each TRWRR Story and Corresponding Translation on opposing pages.

  • 438 pages.

Sample Pages 

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