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  • All the documents above except those three having stories are Traditional Adobe PDF's, the other five are what we call Standards.

  • Under various tabs such as Drills & Exercises and Printing & Cursive there are sample Traditional Adobe PDF's that can be downloaded to see how they work.

  • To see an explanation of how the two kinds differ visit Q & A

*TRWRR (Sample - Standard PDF)

Story 1


Dr. McNabbed.jpg.png
  • Stories are audible and have highlighted text.

  • 4 PDF's contain all 361 stories of The Red Well-Read Reader.

"No thanks, no sweets," said Dr. McNabb. "Not a slab, not even a dab. You see I'm trying to lose some flab. Therefore, I eat just crab and I drink just tab . Now please bring me my bill, or call it a tab if you will. But let's not confab, or in other words gab, for I must hasten back to my lab.

As his waitress left to tally his tab, McNabb continued to blab, saying something about taking a stab at not paying his tab.

Then he fled outside and quickly grabbed a cab. But thanks to the police he was soon nabbed, a criminal tabbed. From then on his life was dreary and drab.


  • Even though some of the stories are in part over the heads of even the fastest and more mature learners, these students will pick up a little of the highbrow humor. Hence, they will never get bored learning to read.

  • On the other hand, because the stories on the whole contain just one phoneme or rhyme, slow or beginning readers will never get overwhelmed and thus quit trying to learn altogether..

  • To see how easy it is to listen to a story, with your mouse select some text of the story above, Then right click. When you do so a dialog box appears. Then click on "Read aloud selection." Voila, you will hear your selection! You will also notice voice controls have appeared on a new toolbar located second from the top.

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