English for Speakers of Spanish & Other Languages


TRWRR Stories - Español Translations PDFs

Sample Pages

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  • 4 sets of 90 Stories/Translations. 

  • Standard PDF's

  • Audible in Spanish & English

  • Highlighted Text

  • Interchangeable Native TTS Voices.

  • Side by Side Comparisons

 Emerald Membership (Members have access to 4 PDF's: TRWRR Stories   - Español Translations, Mini Flipbook 9 plus all products in lower tiers.) 

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12 Additional Foreign Translations of TRWRR Stories on Website

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  • TRWRR has been segmented into twelve parts and translated into as many languages.  Those languages are shown on the chart to the left. 

  • In each language there are generally 30 stories which have been painstakingly translated.

  • With somewhat less precision, each set can be translated by machine into any of the other flag languages.

  • With a couple mouse clicks the stories are translated. And with another mouse click, they revert to the original.

  • As with the Spanish Translations, when a word is read out loud, it is highlighted in yellow having a light blue background.

English - Chinese

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Gold Membership: members have access to Twelve Sets of Foreign Translations of TRWRR on Website plus all products in lower tiers 

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TRWRR Stories & Spanish Translations on Website

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  • On ten webpages, all 361 TRWRR stories and their Spanish translations are presented.

  • A choice of various voices for both languages is provided.

  • As each word is read out loud, it is highlighted in yellow on a light blue background.

  • Translations are "liberal," done by human translators.

  • Odd-numbered translations are in Castilian, while even-numbered ones are in Tex-Mex.


TRWRR Stories - Español Translations Flipbook

Cover of English-Spanish Translations

(TTS on Desktop only)

  • "Liberal Translations"

  • ·Half Castilian & Half Tex-Mex

  • All 361 TRWRR Stories Narrated in English with Classical Musical Accompaniment & Sound Effects.

  • Helps Spanish speakers learn English and, vice versa - English students learn Spanish. 

  • Shows similarities and differences between the two languages, particularly vocabulary and syntax. 

  • TRWRR bilingual flipbook complements the PDF's of the English Stories - Spanish Translations.

  • Provides yet another fun way for students to learn to read and become Totally Literate. 

  • 438 pages

Sample Pages

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Palladium Membership: members have access to TRWRR Flipbook of Stories and Español Translations plus all products in lower tiers.

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