Play Onwards (POW) 

Vocabulary Workbook: Fill-in-the-Blanks

For Rank Beginning Readers! 

"Invisible Ink"

Play Onwards Vol. 1 with 224 pages and Play Onwards Vol. 2 with 198 pages together cover virtually every monosyllabic word in the English language.


Each sentence, including the missing word, written in "invisible ink," is heard when clicked on.

For each missing letter there's a corresponding blank space, making the exercises easy to do for beginners with parental help.

Note: Number 13 on page 2 of the chart to the left calls for the progressive form of sass: i.e. sassing.

  • With parental help, a young child barely able to print his or her name can make astounding gains in reading.

  • These exercises are best started after children have developed a modicum of reading skill using the several phonics Drills and Exercises.

  • As children's vocabulary enlarges, their brain synapses expand commensurately. Thus, their mental acuity will increase discernably.