Totally Literate's

Diverse Student Body

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1. Home Schoolers

  • First and foremost, TL is designed for children of dedicated parents who expect their little ones to  rise to stellar heights.

  • To maximize parental involvement, all TL products, particularly TRWRR, have been designed to be as much fun for parents as they are for children. Even Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes will delight parents. They may sing along while their babies and toddlers are lulled to sleep. 


2. Rank Beginning Readers

  • TL has several products that youngsters can use for months on end without formally being taught to read. Phonics Drills & Exercises will teach them to decode words. Printing and Cursive Exercises expressly develops manual dexterity while subtly developing emergent reading skill. And Play Onwards, which further increases phonics awareness, also expands vocabulary greatly as well as develops basic spelling skill.


3. First  Graders & Above

Fast Learners

  • Because The Red Well-Read Reader stories are typically rather sophisticated in part―young students, even older ones―will not understand them implicitly. Yet, students will not fail to sense the ever-present, intrinsic humor. Thus, they should never get bored, even a bit.


Slow Learners

  • Being that TRWRR stories normally have just one rhyme, the level of difficulty remains constant throughout the book. Thus, a slow learner will never feel overwhelmed and quit trying to learn to read altogether. Likewise, a mentally-challenged student should have no difficulty proceeding from one story to the next.


4. Third and Fourth Graders & Above

  • TL has three products for students who already know how to read well but want to develop their ability in other literacy arts. One, Work on Words, a vocabulary builder designed particularly for youngsters, can actually help anyone―even professional writers, college professors, and mom and dad―hone his or her vocabulary skill. Two, some of Anti-Illiteracy War Games can help older elementary-school-age students build such literacy skills as writing and speech. And, three, Classic Stories will nurture their literary appreciation. 


5. Special Needs Students

Children with Dyslexia

  • Nearly every product in TL’s Anti-Illiteracy War arsenal that is designed for the general population is also helpful to students with dyslexia. In fact,  virtually all of TL’s products are designed precisely as the Orton–Gillingham Method propounds.


Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • TL’s many colored-charts, TRWRR’s stories, and a number of classic ones are helpful to special needs students. Perhaps the biggest help to ASD students is the Immersive Reader, whereon their interface they can see practically every noun and verb of any TRWRR story in picture form. 


6. Older Children & Adults in Reading Programs 

  • Because TRWRR stories are well-suited for classroom settings having students of various ages and aptitudes, and because none of TL’s products ever talks down to students, middle school students to seniors will not feel embarrassed, belittled, or ashamed. Hence, TL and TRWRR can easily be incorporated into the curriculum of the following educational entities: Private & Public Schools, Literacy Councils, Jails and Prisons.

7. Spanish Speakers

  • TL has three products that are particularly helpful to Spanish speakers. One, Phonics Charts and Drills will aid them greatly with pronunciation and spelling. Two, the Spanish-English Flipbook allows them to easily compare the structure of the two languages as well as to grasp the humor of the English narrations. And, three, each Spanish-English PDF provides them the ability to hear both languages in a choice of several TTS voices.


8. Other Foreign Speakers

  • Like Hispanics and Spaniards, all other foreign speakers will benefit hugely from Phonics Charts and Drills. And although each of the 12 other foreign flag languages initially has only 30 TRWRR stories translated into its respective language, with a few clicks of one’s mouse all 361 of them can be audio-visually translated into anyone of these languages.


Grade Appropriateness














Primary Users

Second Graders and Up

All Ages

Pre-schoolers―Second Graders

First Graders―Third Graders

First Graders and Up

All Ages

Second Graders―Fourth Graders

Pre-schoolers―Fifth Graders

Spanish Speakers - All Ages

First Graders―High Schoolers

Fifth Graders and Up

First Graders and Up














Principal Product

The Red Well-Read Flipbook

Phonics Drills and Exercises

Printing and Cursive Exercises

Play Onwards (Vocab Wkbk) 

TRWRR Stories (PDF's)

Four Audio Flipbooks

Work on Words (Vocab Wkbk)

Anti-Illiteracy War Games

TRWRR ―Spani Translations

Classic Stories


Narrated English-Spanish Flbk 




TRWRR Flipbook



Phonics Cards

Phonics Charts

Families 1

Families 2


Titles in Story Land


Handwriting Exercises

Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes

Mini Flipbook: Phonics

Play Onwards Vol 1

Play Onwards Vol 2

Spelling Rules

Mini Flipbook 1

TRWRR Stories: 4 PDFs 90 ea.

Phil Primer and Comp Check

Mini Flipbook 2

Mini Flipbooks 3-6

Work on Words Vol 1

Work on Words Vol 2

Mini Flipbook 7

Anti-Illiteracy War Games

Mini Flipbook 8

TRWRR - Span Trans 4 PDFs 90 ea.

Mini Flipbook 9

Classic Stories PDFs

Classic Stories Webpage


TRWRR in 14 Languages (Multilinguals)

English - Spanish Flipbook (Narrated)












  • There is no Sign-up fee for any membership.


  • A Topaz confers an honorary membership to any student who aspires to become Totally Literate. For merely signing up, the student is granted lifetime access to The Red Well-Read Reader Flipbook, which is a fun-to-use reading course in and of itself.


  • Each paid membership has an affordable Quarterly Charge, none of which is over one dollar per day.


  • Members in any tier are entitled to all the products within their respective tier plus those in lower tiers as well. For example, Turquoise members are entitled to the three products in their own tier (Handwritting Exercises, Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes, and the Phonics Mini Flipbook) plus the six products of Drills & Exercises in the Garnet Membership plus The Red Well-Read Reader Flipbook in Topaz.


  • Each paid membership renews automatically at the end of its billing cycle unless cancelled by the member after becoming Totally Literate or having some untold reason.


  • Members may switch to a higher or lower tier at any time. When the switch occurs, however, the older membership will continue to term while the newer one will start anew. Kindly understand that the reason for our no-refund policy owes to the fact that downloaded files cannot be retrieved.