English for Speakers of Spanish 
Other Languages (ESSOL)

A Battery of Products --

TRWRR Stories - Español Translations  (PDFs)

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  • 4 sets of 90 Stories and Translations. 

  • Audible in Spanish & English.

  • Viewed side by side on opposite pages.

  • Interchangeable Native TTS Voices.

  • Emerald Membership.

Sample Pages

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TRWRR Stories - Español Translations Flipbook

  • 361 TRWRR Stories-Spanish Translations.

  • TRWRR Stories Narrated in English with Musical Accompaniment and Apt Sound Effects.

  • Offers the best way for students to pick up on the rather highbrow humor of the stories.

  • Each TRWRR Story and Corresponding Translation are on opposite facing pages.

  • 438 pages.

  • Gold Membership

Multilinguals: TRWRR 361 audible short stories in 14 flag languages plus 31 additional languages.

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Additional Languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finish, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Irish, Latvia, Lithuanian, Malay, Maltase, Marathi, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenia, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Welsh. 

16,245 Short Stories All Together

Palladium Membership

  • Multilinguals consist of TRWRR's 361 stories translated into 45 languages.

  • There are ten sets, each one typically containing 36 stories.   

  • The default set is English-Spanish. Either language may be use as the basis of comparison with other languages. 

  • Stories may be copied and pasted onto the Immersive Reader, a Word document, or Google Translate.

  • Translations are made in a jiffy on desktops as well as mobile devices.

  • For ease of comparison, translations may be seen side by side on two tabs as shown below.

Story 113 Eng.png
Story 113 French.png

Immersive Reader (Opens in Edge)

  • Any Classic poem, fable, or multilingual (rhyming story of TRWRR} may be selected and pasted onto the Immersive Reader by members having an appropriate membership.  

  • The aforementioned works above may be translated into 47 audible languages and 26 more inaudible ones.

  • Additionally, Totally Literate provides a choice a of many dialects and a variety of TTS voices in many languages. 

  • IR allows focusing on one or more lines of text, syllabication of words, identification of parts of speech, and adjustment of column width.

  • Also, it gives users a choice of several text sizes, column widths, and numerous page colors.

  • Quite helpful to beginners and special needs students is a picture dictionary that's available in English and many other languages.

  • Perhaps most helpful of all is immediate access to the Web where images of words can be seen and definitions read aloud.

Immersive Reader (Opens in Word)

253 English_edited.jpg
  • If Totally Literate members are Microsoft 365 subscribers, they can copy stories and paste them onto a Word document. On Word, they can toggle to the Immersive Reader where TRWRR's two-colored rhyming stories stand out in brilliant contrast, more strikingly than monotone texts.

Google Translate

  • Story 253 of TRWRR is shown above in English and Swahili. 

  • Swahili is one of 62 languages that Google Translate translates both text and audio.

  • Google Translate translates an additional 46 languages in text only.

  • Google Translate helps all speakers, including those of less commonly spoken languages, learn English.

  • The Google Translate App is essential when using Totally Literate on a smartphone, and it should stay open at all times for ease of access.