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Multilinguals on Smartphones

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Test Drive Story 1

Open under the American flag for best translation fidelity.

Story 1: Nabbed

"No thanks, no sweets!" said Doctor McNabb. "Not a slab, not even a dab. You see I am trying to lose some flab. Therefore, I eat just crab and I drink just Tab. Now please bring me my bill, or call it a tab if you will. But let's not confab, or in other words gab - for I must hasten back to my lab.”

As his waitress left to tally his tab, McNabb continued to blab, saying something about taking a stab, at not paying his tab.

Then he fled outside and quickly grabbed a cab. But thanks to the police he was soon nabbed, a criminal tabbed. From then on, his life was dreary and drab.


Three methods to read stories.


Method 1 --

  1. Press down on the title of the story until a thump is felt.

  2. Tap the three vertical dots on the horizontal menu that will pop up.

  3. Tap "Read aloud" from that menu. When you do this, the Navigation Controls and Voice options will appear on the top of your screen, and the TTS voice will begin speaking right away in whichever flag language you're using. See Photo 1.

When you switch to another page, press any word on it, then click the center caret to hear the TSS narrator read the text from that point on. (Neglecting this step will result in the narrator continuing to read the page you had just left.) 

Method 2

 Requires Google Translate App)--

  1. To listen to this story, use the American flag, then press on the title of the story. This will cause two blue "teardrops" to appear. See Photo 2.

  2. Use your thumb to drag the lower "teardrop" (or right one) so that it covers the first paragraph in blue. See Photo 3

  3. Remove your thumb, scroll down until you see the last line of the story, then press down on the blue "teardrop" again and drag it to cover the whole story in blue. See Photo 4.

  4. If necessary, move your screen slightly up or down to get the horizontal menu to appear. It may appear either above or below the story. See Photo 5.

  5. Next, tap the three vertical dots on the horizontal menu. When you do so, a drop-down menu will appear. See Photo 6. 

  6. Then, tap "Translate" on the vertical menu. ​Immediately the text will change and look as it does in Photo 7.

  7. If you tap "Danish," a long popup menu will appear from which you can pick another language to view. See Photo 8. 

Method 3 -- Immersive Reader

   The book icon after the URL must be visible in order to use

Story 1 with Navigation controls and Voice options
Photo 1
Shows Copy, Share, and Select all and 3 vertical dots above Story 1, still in light blue
Photo 2
Photo 3
Story 1 covered in blue
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7

Photo 8

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