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A Membership to Suit Everyone

  • All regular (paid) memberships are for a half year, but continue until, or if, canceled by the member.


  • Because the value of our products far exceeds the price of each and every membership, we are forced to assess a $100 initiation fee. However, members are invited to visit Campus Bookstore, where they can purchase individual products before laying out a considerable sum of money for any membership.

  • Because within every membership there are downloadable files, no refunds shall be granted.

  • If a member decides to advance to a higher tier membership before running its six-month course, his or her current membership will end and a new one will begin anew

  • Members in any upper tier are entitled to all the products within their own tier as well as those in lower tiers. For example, Turquoise members are entitled to the two products within their own tier, namely Print & Cursive Exercises and Lullabies & Nursery Rhymes,  plus the six Phonics Drills and Exercises and the Phonics Flipbook in Garnet Membership, as well as the TRWRR Flipbook and Something Else in Topaz Membership.


Grade/Age Level

Grade/Age Level

12 Tiers of Memship
Desktop and Smartphone

Desktop / Smartphone

Being that Totally Literate begins teaching youngsters who are so young they cannot even tie their shoes yet, using a smartphone would be far too difficult for them. Besides, many of our most beneficial products to beginning readers are inaudible on smartphones or inaccessible altogether.  


As time goes by and youngsters' intellectual and manual skills develop appreciatively, it will then become possible for them to use smartphones. However, desktops should be used solely by all students initially.  And only much later will it become practical for them to use a smartphone. 

Audible-Inaudible chart
Membership Fees

 Membership Fees

Members are entitled to products within their specific tier plus those in lower priced tiers as well.

TRWRR Flipbook & Something Else (Both Docs Inaudible)

Topaz, Garnet, Turquoise

Phonics Cards

Phonics Charts

Families 1

Families 2


Titles in Story Land

Phonics Flipbook


Printing and Cursive Exercises

Sapphire, Amethyst, Jade

Play Onwards Vol. 1

Play Onwards Vol. 2

Work on Words Vol. 1

Work on Words Vol.2

Sign up for the membership of your choice  by clicking either a membership or price button.


90 Stories each

Mini Flipbook 1

Ruby, Pearl, Emerald

4 TRWRR PDFs in Eng & Spanish

90 Stories each

Mini Flipbook 2

Anti-illiteracy War Games

Spelling Rules

6 Classic Stories

6 Fables

Diamond, Gold, Palladium

Evangeline: Epic Poem

TRWRR Narrated Flipbook with Spanish Transcriptions


Same as Palladium 

Same as Palladium

9 Mini Flipbooks

Honorary Memberships


Rhodium membership is an honorary (Free) Lifetime membership that shall be granted to any private or public elementary, middle or high school, as well as to any literacy council and library, to any prison facility, and to any college or university having a language lab. 

Family and Special Friends of Totally Literate may also become Rhodium members.


All you need to do is fill out the appropriate form below. Shortly thereafter we will have reviewed your application, and if filled out completely, we will notify you that from henceforth you may access everything within Rhodium or Platinum Membership. Please note, the Message at the bottom of each form should be used to tell us, in a word or two, something specific about your organization or family, such as its predominantly spoken language, its size, or the grade level of your budding scholars.


Platinum Membership Application

For Family and Friends 

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Rhodium Membership Application

For Schools, Literacy Councils, Prisons, etc.

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