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English and Spanish Translations on Edge

When you click on one of the four files to open it, it will look similar to the picture below:

Shows "Table of Contents" in English & Spanish on Left, and one story of English and one of Spanish on right

Presuming you're a Spanish speaker and want to learn English, you will need The Red Well-Read Reader stories, which are written in English, read by an English-speaking TTS narrator.


However, to pick a particular narrator, let alone one that speaks English, you must first click "read aloud" on the far right of the toolbar, on top. Only after the narration has begun, can you choose a particular narrator.


To do so, you pause the narrator, then go to "Voice options." Your choices will look like the picture below:    

Shows Voice Options and List of voice choices

Now that you have chosen the voice that you want, you're ready to pick your "Page view." You should choose the "two page" view. In this view, the TRWRR stories are always read first, and the Spanish translation sits side-by-side the English text. This placement allows for ease of comparison. See below:

Shows stories 268-9 in English on left and same in Spanish on right

These TRWRR translations can also be helpful to English speakers who are learning Spanish. English speakers should choose the single "Page view." Then they will be able to hear only the Spanish by skipping over the English text.

Vertical placement of stories 268-9 in English on top, and same in Spanish on bottom
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