Topaz Membership


The Topaz membership is an associative membership granted free of charge to any student who aspires 2B Totally Literate. Topaz members will gain access to The Red Well-Read Reader Flipbook, a fun-to-use reading course in and of itself. Plus, they will receive another fun and very efficacious product which they'll learn all about upon becoming a member of our distinguished, success-bound college of young scholars. It's aptly called "Something Else!"


The Red Well-Read Reader Attributes:

  • 361 Rhyming Stories systematically cover the entire phonetic makeup of the English language.

  • Beaucoup Phonics Charts. 

  • Spelling Rules.

  • Fully Linked Titles.

  • Empowering.

  • Always Fun and Always Efficacious!

  • Always Challenging but Never Overwhelming!

  • Appeals as much to Adults as to Children!

  • Designed for All Youngsters between Ages 5-105, especially Hard-Working High Achievers!

To become a Topaz member and receive the two free flipbooks, simply fill out the form below. Neither will you be asked for your credit card nor your bank information. And should you want to cancel your membership for whatever reason before becoming Totally Literate, you may do so at any time. No problem. No questions asked.

Topaz Membership

Application Form & Photo of The Red Well-Read Reader