Adobe PDF's

Two Kinds

(TTS on Desktop only)

PDF's in General

  • Adobe PDF's are the main structural beams of Totally Literate.

  • We offer 28 PDF's, half of which are Traditionals and the other half, Standards.

  • They are the primary documents in eight of our twelve memberships.

  • They are used to develop phonics, pronunciation, handwriting, spelling, and, above all, reading comprehension ability. They also build vocabulary, foster literary appreciation, and develop a host of other literacy skills. 

  • Last but not least, they are all fun and empowering to use.

Traditional vs Standard PDF's

​Traditional PDF's

  • Traditional Adobe's are extremely fast, very responsive to the mouse, and can hone in on individual sentences or words.

Standard PDF's

  • Standards by comparison are rather slow.

  • However, speed is neither essential nor desirable with them. 

  • After getting used to Standards, students should be able to handle them with the same ease as Traditionals.

  • Standards' distinct feature is highlighting text as it's being read aloud.  

 Amethyst Membership (Members have access to 4 TRWRR PDF's, Mini   Flipbook Two plus all products in lower tiers.)  Only $48 per quarter.